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[ ask/RP blog for chibi Trip. Is also multifandom friendly and will contain crack most of the time.]

M/A!: Teen Bunny boy [ time not specified so for about a week]


americans listen up because im tired of getting messages about it

  • in england we go to college at 16
  • after two years (or optional more) we then go to university
  • english college is the same as the last years of highschool
  • english university is the same as your college
  • stop sending me messages saying ‘YOU’RE 16 HOW DO U GO TO COLLEGE???’



what if when aoba’s not home ren powers on allmate ren and plays with him



going thru vitri’s route


Send my muse a ❆! »
I’ll randomly generate a number from 1-24 to see how my muse reacts to:
  1. Your muse making mine some hot chocolate
  2. Your muse wrapped up as a present
  3. Your muse making an awful snow man
  4. Your muse asking for help putting up up decorations
  5. Your muse singing carols
  6. Your muse hiding…

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